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Remote SDR - Concierge Team

42Floors is looking for a Remote Sales Development Representative to join our team!

42Floors is the leading national office space search engine. We connect tenants looking for commercial office space to brokers that can help them find their dream office. Our concierge team plays a key role in making sure every tenant gets taken care of and connected with a real estate professional.

We are looking for a Sales Development Representative to join our concierge team. You will reach out to prospective tenants about their office space needs and connect them with a broker who can help.

About The Role

  • You will qualify prospective tenants to see if they are a fit for our concierge program
  • You will nurture a relationship with qualified tenants and make sure their needs are heard
  • You will connect the tenant to a broker who is a good fit for their requirements


  • $15/hour base pay plus commission for each qualified tenant handoff that occurs
  • The On-Track Earning for this position is $3,000-$5,000 per month, all-in

Remote 1099 Position

This is a 1099 contractor position. Working remotely isn’t for everyone and 42Floors isn’t for everyone. We’re a performance-driven company and we love our remote structure, and the independence it affords us. The key is showing that you have the hustle to match the output of our top salespeople, the discipline to follow our scripts, and the focus to achieve high percentage closing rates

Hiring Process:

  • 1. Submit your resume and fill out our online application.

Estimated time: 5 minutes. 50% are selected to advance.

  • 2. Perform a sales simulation activity online.

You’ll learn about a product and do a recorded phone call to sell that product. Everyone gets the exact same materials and is graded blindly (graders don’t get to see your resume). You’re judged on attention to detail, enthusiasm, following directions. Estimated time: 20 minutes. Top 10% are selected to advance.

  • 3. Qualify a 42Floors Tenant

You’ll first learn the 42Floors qualifying script. Then you’ll schedule a time to call several people in the company. You’re judged on speed and clarity of the call, energy, and adherence to the script. The goal is simply to qualify the tenant and get them to agree to a 5-10 minute call with a tenant rep. The whole call only takes less than 5 minutes. With prep time, estimated time: 30 minutes. Top 5% are selected to receive job offers.

This job is no longer active.